Monday, May 14, 2007

Raising The Roof On A Dark Horse Running

Monday means music! im not too sure about much writing as my mind has gone blank it took me 3 attempts to spell running correctly some days i just cant function properly, Anyway i have some nice music to share with you all starting off with a (Cagedbaby Remix) of (Tracey Thorn) "Raise The Roof" Moving on to a more Techy Minimal vibe and a new (Audiofly remix) of (Spektre) taken from there new "Ep" "Dark Horse" forthcoming on [Saw Recordings] finishing on a track forthcoming on [Get Physical] by an artist called (Kramer) and a track called "Runner"

Tracey Thorn - "Raise The Roof" - (Cagedbaby Remix) - [Cdr]

Spektre - "Dark Horse" - (Audioflys Give Trance A Chance Mix) - [Promo] - (Forthcoming on Saw Recordings)

Kramer - "Runner" - [Promo] - (Forthcoming on Get Physical)

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