Thursday, August 09, 2007

Luciano Mix live from silo club

Excellent mix from Luciano.

002:40 moodyman - shades of jae

008:00 femi kuti - traitors of africa (qs treacherous beats) + Gia Tous Anthropous Pou - Yiorgos Mangas

015:00 minimal man - make a move

021:00 Scott Grooves - The Journey

024:00 St. germain - Rose Rouge (Remix)

037:00 petre inspirescu - de bou

042:00 dennis ferrer - son of raw ( loco dice remix )

049:00 alex under - trapezines erectos

054:00 Paul Ritch - Samba

061:00 Popof - Alcoolic

065:00 rino cerrone release

068:00 Paul Ritch - Just Give Some

078:00 Cevin Fisher's - The Freaks Come Out

086:00 Imaginary Boy - Evolution One

091:00 mendo - everybody i got him

096:00 cajmere - i need you (hugo moya remix)

100:00 Lil' Louis - Conversation

105:00 Depeche Mode - John The Revelator (Dave Is In The Disco Dub)

Download Thanks to Jeremy RA


Anonymous said...

Brilliant mix!!!! Thanks a lot! Feel free to publish other mixes as you won't publish that many tracks!

Cheers from Switzerland

adat said...

hey guys

i been trying so hard to get the name of this track.

on the mix the track between paul ritch and cevind fisher tracks the track is not named

does anyone have any clue

brillant mix