Friday, August 17, 2007

GeT yOuR fIdGeT oN!

The Chemical Brothers -"The Salmon Dance" - (Herve Remix) - [N/A]

Riot In Belgium - "La Musique" - (Sinden Remix) - [N/A]

I dont just restrict myself to Minimal Tech house and Deep house i like lots of music mainly the "Good Shit" Thats going to go off at a house party! Afterall dance music is about going out and having a good time letting everything go & forgetting about the stress of the week, i can't stand those serious types in a club who stand there or the "Paranoid Dancer" LOL just let it go lose all control and get your groove on :-) Just because i dont write about something doesn't mean i dont like it, Theres too many critics out there who are ready to bite at any given moment take all the heat on "Heater" thats going on at the moment FFS its one FUN! track, people are going on about it like he's done something really terrible, everyone is entitled to there own opinion but theres alot of sheep out there, i think the main reason is that they dont like change or dont know how to cope with it so they pull the shutters down which is a very negative way to look at things..... Anyway here's two of my favorite tracks of the Fidget variety neither are out yet they will be soon so you vinyl junkies keep checking your local record store for there release.
Btw anyone in London tonight Herve is playing fabric with Annie Mac & loads of Drum n Bass heads see you there. :-)


Anonymous said...

No big fan of heater myself. But people shouldnt judge samim on that one record though. what he did to hay consuelo does severe damage to the pelvis man

Anonymous said...

Totally agree mate, these square uber-cool fannies are completing missing the point of the music. It's to dance to and forget your worries!