Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dream Sequence

First release of 2007 for Serafin with help from percussionist Roman Bruderer where they have taken the deep house route like many others seem to be doing "Deep House" is fast becoming more and more used in the current scene which is making tiny ripples with the minimal scenesters some of who are interested in the sound but alot will just follow and become sheep. Because of this interest Its getting alot of press its also getting a healthy amount of backclash from trainspotters and music bods alike saying its too "samey" make your own mind up on what you think on the whole deep house revival are you a wolf or a sheep? i like some, but i also agree with the critics alot is too samey with nothing new to give Kerri Chandler,Theo Parrish & Dennis Ferrer have been there done that and got the t shirt, however this track "Dream Sequence" that appeared on my radar is a great example of deep house done well "The Move" falls into the done before bracket and doesn't really have anything to give.

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Scott said...

This is a top release and both sides are still currently running high in my monthly chart!*!