Friday, August 24, 2007

It Doesn't Matter (part 1)

To put it simply, this is a series I'm planning to work on and continue with for a long while. Of course not in succession, there'll be many interludes with some proper dance and robot excursions. Anyway, "It Doesn't Matter" will feature two 'IDM'-tracks that I like a lot. One old (2+ years), one new (max 1 year old). How about that?

Sense - Choice [Neo Ouija, 2001]
Sense is a master of the pads. This is one of his more tempo and percussion filled tracks. Sweet strings matches up with drips of synth arrangements while the clicks and subtle drums do their work to move the track along in a stunning fashion. This is music to travel to, or relax to, or contemplate to. This is music for when you long for that special someone.
(From the album A view from a vulnerable place)

Proem - Dual carrier [n5MD, 2007] (buy)
Beats and bleeps rolling in, while an insecure bass-line soon joins. All very jerky and unstructured until everything falls in place at the 1:30 mark, an immense puzzle has been completed. The piano kicks in and stars glow upon the dark, black night sky. A symphony of giant proportions is let loose. Proem long in the IDM game, always with an almost violent and contrast rich texture to his tunes, ease backs on his crunchyness a bit to provide something slightly different. It's a success.
(From the album A permanent solution)


donk boys said...

har du snott det där från mej? ;)


/murk barry donk

mymoon said...

dude, nice concept but give us something with a theme, numbers are dull. how about a contest to guess techno cuts who's producers will have heart problems by 2010..