Monday, August 27, 2007


DJ Gregory - "Elle" - (Âme 2007 Remix) - [Defected]

Proberly one of my all time personal favorites, its had many a remix over the years nothing really touched or got close to the original its a piece of sublime house music that will stand the length of time i remember a friend of mine who used to write on a message board he used to idolise the original i reckon when he finds out its been remixed he will be like a kid in a sweet shop. So its had a remix from Âme which is far the best that i have heard and the one that keeps the classic vibe of the strings and the keys Âme just house it up more a bit deeper and add more percussion which works very well it sound's "Now" which is great for all us Deep house heads out there, keep an eye on Âme as they have remixed the new (Underworld) track - "Crocodile" which will be out shortly the (Huntemann remix) is already doing the rounds but its not all that, il wait for the Âme remix to surface in the meantime enjoy the deep summery vibes of Dj Gregory's classic Elle.


Quirky said...

thats a great track, i played it on my radio show two weeks ago.
have you got a copy of the Underworld Ame Mix? id love to hear that.
or know where i can get a copy??

if you wanna check out my show you can find out about it @

like the blog by the way

musicstealer : -D said...

As a long time major fan of your work (JBH is quite fit, innit) but there is one thing that would make this blog even better.

The use of grammar and 'spell check' would improve visitors experience to your blog as I'm sure you have many, what with your giving away free music.

For me, I find it quite awkward and annoying, reading one long, whole sentence and the use of American spelling is even worse considering they are all fat and we, the British, invented the English language yet the yanks bastardised OUR language so it is easier for them to understand.

So, JBH, it should be your duty to use our English language instead of THEIRS.

Sorry, I felt I had to say this. Loads of excellent blogs have died suddenly and I really love yours.

And all feedback is welcomed surely? I understand that not many do, yet all they do is take, take, take! Without a 'thanks' or owt. So from now I on, everything I listen to from your blog I will comment on.

JBH said...

You touched on something i know about myself my english grammer is not the best partly because of our english class at school it was a joke and everyone took the piss (one of those teachers)

As for the long sentences its because once i start writing i dont stop and think about punctuation i have it all in my head and it just comes to me all at once something im trying to work on but i wouldnt hold your breath i put commers and full stops in the wrong places which is basic i know , nevermind though im nor a writer by profession its just something i like doing.

Dont get me wrong i would love to write like Steve or Ronan but its not going to happen without extra teaching

So just be patient and it will get better eventually :)