Thursday, August 16, 2007


Bristol based label [Four:Twenty Recordings] have a good ear for spotting upcoming new & exciting producers Loco Dice released some of his first recordings on here, this time its the new skool im keen on, from Craig Torrance who some of you may know if you read mixmag as he is the electro editor well he has teamed up on this release with Philip Hochstrate who i dont know from adam but that doesn't matter "Shrinkage" is a good solid release which comes with a really good Samim* remix which i prefer, i swear that man doesn't sleep he's knocking tracks out at a fast rate, the track itself is full of eerie bubbling noises, strange gurgling sounds, jungle effects & deep trippy spacey noises i cant put my finger on it but the hook gives a tiny reference to detroit its as if i have heard it somewhere before with a bit of a build going on but not enough imo, Samim adds more tention too it which it deserves, if they had built it and built and then let it explode we could of had another full clip on our hands, dont let this pass you by as your out doing your record shopping.

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