Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It Doesn't Matter (part 2)

Kettel - Hidden place detected & redecorated [This Is Not A Dub Recording, 2005]
This is off the mediocre release "Making gentle love to famous ladies". The only pleasant song on the EP, but oh how pleasant it is. Not really going too far from the original, only adding a bit of flavoured clicks and blips with good taste. Björk's vocals are difficult to resist.

Christ. - Cordate [Benbecula, 2007] (buy)
Scottsman Christ.'s latest album Blue shift emissions is a real masterpiece. Especially the latter half of the album is just spot on, every little sound carefully placed and fitted in the vast aural landscapes that make up his third(?) full length. Christ was in on Boards of Canada's excellent Twoism creation way back, that said he has evolved further from the BoC sound into more complex and deeper territories. While BoC has maintained the childish simplicity and charm in their tunes, christ chooses to extend into more intricate and multi layered structures. I cannot really pick one track that is stand out on this album, the amount of perfected songs are staggering: Making a snow angel, Cordate, Blue shifty missions, Breathe between sleep and Vernor vinge all make a dent in your heart and mind even on the very first listen. Im choosing Cordate only because of its unquestionable Boards charasteristics, serene and completely tranquil.
Resident Advisor gives the album a well deserved 5/5: Read the review.

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