Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Liebe Ist Cool

Panorama bar resident Cassy is a favourite of mine her sound is unique and stands out in a crowd be it her mixing up the latest cd's, collaborating with Villalobos or just simply working on her own. I think it has mainly to do with her vocal's which are hypnotic and melodic at the same time she drags the listener in making sure your full concentration is on her, and i must say it works, and works well. Then there's the production side of her tracks which are stripped down and sexy & very groovy i really like alot of her work this latest one from her cropped up on Monika Kruse label [Electric Avenue Recordings] its very simple which works so well afterall simplicity is the key! saying that, it doesn't give you the best listening experience, listening through computer speakers but when its on a decent sound system you hear everything much clearer all the drums, synths, snares, keys and of course her stripped back slow sexy vocals. Check out Cassy's back catalogue on [Perlon] etc for for stripped down grooves like this.

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