Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Baila Sin Petit

Ricardo Villalobos - "Baila Sin Petit" - [N/A]

Luciano dropped this at Dc10 opening back in june i know very little on it and i cant find anything on it on the web apart from somebody commenting on Villalobos Myspace and simply writing "Baila Sin Petit" i tried looking up what it means but im not even too sure which language its refering to, this is typical villalobos with the wierd but wonderfull vocals think "True to myself " but not as wierd & wonderfull! its percussive production is very rhythmic with slow hand claps & slow tapps on the snare very chilean like, if anyone knows anymore about this track drop me a line..... lalala baila sin petit...

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Tyler said...

dance without small?!?

JBH said...

Could be i thought about small when i saw petit