Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Star travelin

Not sure if I should dare post these what with all the heat and hate we've been getting lately. As always, simply dropping a comment or e-mail ( stating that you wish certain links to be removed works. Of course we would like people, who download and enjoy tracks that we put up, to actually go out and purchase 'em. Treading on dangerous grounds, maybe pushing it a bit... but here goes.

Model 500 - Starlight (Soultek's falling stars mix) [Echospace, 2007] (buy!)
Classic model 500 material getting the modern make over. Soultek brings the calm and sexy chillin methods. Laying it down firm. Great stuff. In the complete package you also get remixes by Convextion, Echospace and Deepchord!

Andreas Oster - Travelog [Plong!, 2000]
Picked this up on a sale at my local vinyl shop. Maybe not extremely exciting, but quality and easy going, uplifting stuff. Technoelectronicahouse on Plong.

I'd like to know if there is a good service that lets me upload a track and then it provides a stream for others to listen to. That would be perfect.


dado said...

try getting in touch with people at .they can provide you with streaming capabilities

Lmd64 said...

Hey, do you know if they have this release available digitally at all? Love that Deepchord mix as well, would really like to get my hands on it

skypher said...

Thanks for the tip about 4ytv, dado. I couldn't really decipher the language, but i'll send em an email.

Lmd64, no sorry. Don't know where or if you can buy the starlight remixes digitally.

Scott said...

Well guys I thought I wade into the whole blog debate again to let you know that I've just spunked the best part of £80 at Phonica on vinyl, and each track I bought was based solely on stuff you've posted in the past! So it does work, despite what certain labels believe!*! Cheers for the tips guys!*!

Tyler said...

the whole electronic music scene today kinda makes me giggle... because in the indie scene if you dont get your mp3 on at least 5 blogs you wont sell any records at all! but i suppose indie is more album-based whereas house/techno is more single-based.

anyway i love your blog it lets an outsider like me know about some great tracks going around which i DEF would not buy if i had never even heard them. as for streaming... imeem is pretty good, pitchfork uses it so its gotta be legit.

Anonymous said...

I also buy shitloads of music and a lot of the artists I end up buying I know from blogs such as yours. The music industry are a bunch of wankers if they want to blame you for their losses. They really have to wake up and realise that there has been a technological revolution. It is indeed funny that people making electronic music don't have a clue about this.

Thanks for a great blog.