Saturday, July 08, 2006

Waffle giraffe

Not that Adrey Tautou (in the pic) has anything to do with this but, I watched Manderlay two days ago. I loved Dogville so I had some pretty high expectations which Manderlay actually managed to live up to. Maybe not quite as spot on as Dogville but not far from it. Good job Mr Trier.
Yesterday I spent the day drinking coffee and walking around town. After some drink & cocktail freestyling at a friends house it was time to head out to local summer time favourite place M2 - great atmosphere and very nice music. Which means my funds are quickly collapsing near the zero mark.

Alter Ego - Transphormer (Johannes Heil Remix)
[Klang, 2006] (buy)
Metallic treatment from Mr Johannes Heil, suitable for a busy dance floor. I dig the
cover art for this 12", 'Transphormer (remixes)' which on the b side features a mix from My My.

Martin Landsky - 1000 Miles
[Poker flat, 2006] (buy)
Monotonous, steady and long mood heightening phase. Head nodding, quality tech house. Loved his FM Safari, but this is even better. There's a remix by Loco dice on the B side, which adds some warmth and soul into it.

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