Friday, June 01, 2007

Doch Doch

A new month, and a friday must be celebrated with some remixes. How about Larsson, Jeff Samuel, Moonbeam and Patrick Zigon leaving their prints on the terrific Extrawelt original, hm? I don't mind.

Extrawelt - Doch doch (Larsson Rmx)
[Traum, 2007]
Pt. 1: A rather dark, pumping take. Got that naughty drive we like and is my favorite out of the four re-edits. Samuel does his thing on the other side.

Extrawelt - Doch doch (Moonbeam rmx)
[Traum, 2007]
Pt. 2: Slightly funkier, definite Moonbeam-style. Got a heavy tone to it as well. Patrick Zigon reworks the b-side.

part 1 and/or part 2.


theeEnd said...

the moonbeam is fucking excellent!!

skypher said...

Absolutely! They should've released the moonbeam remix together with larsson's in my opinion :)

skypher said...

Saw you posted it way back in april(!). Man, I'm behind, only hearing it a week ago haha.

Fonus said...

You wake up on Saturday morning hungover as a mf and what do you get? Pounding, pounding techno music! Lovely

Anonymous said...

cant wait to download these when i get back home praise the lord for z share