Friday, June 22, 2007

Orient Dongle

Happy Midsummer!

Pan/Tone - Orient Express
[Cereal/killers, 2007]
Cereal/Killers specializing in split twelves, here with big names such as Metope, Ada and Pan/Tone. All delivering their ruffled take on techno. This track has it's fair share of lows and highs, bass kicking in at around 3:40.

Sean Palm - Where's my dongle [Railyard, 2007]
US label owner and artist Sean Palm lets loose some wicked minimal. Quality song that shares that melodic and calmer touch as can be felt in Joel Mull's "Begun the end has" (which was released on the same label, by the way). Mighty things...


cunt neck said...

wake me up when you are done, will ya

"uninteresting observations" - you hit the nail on the head there

JBH said...

Cunt neck !

Says it all really dont it !