Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Building plateaus 1

Fairmont - Hotel Deauville [Playmade, 2006]
Fairmont is for those not in the know: Jacob - Jake - Fairley. Techno producer out of Toronto, Canada. Fairmont is his output ID for less dancefloor oriented stuff. This is from his adorable EP with the same name. Recently he had a track on BPitch's "Compilation camping vol 3" called Pavilion which instantly melted my heart, so check that one out too.

Dave Fischoff - Last room
[Secretly Canadian, 2006]
Indietronica in every sense of the word. Here is but one of the many moving sounds off of one man show Fischoff's second album "The Crawl". Symphonic pop clashes with rough beats (borderline hippetyhoppy sometimes) and electronic twiddlings. Rather intricate constructed pieces not too far away from Mr Patrick Wolf.


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