Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Exo Fraggle

Time to step out of the minimal/house/techno/electro box and into the dark experimental sphere.

Terminal Sound System - Ghost summer [Extreme, 2007]
Terminal Sound System's latest album "Compressor" sounds like a less complex, more straight forward version of Squarepusher's "Ultra visitor". From the gnarly opener, 'Gridlock' to the harsh and high contrast '722' - this is neo-dubstep-idm! The last track 'Decompensating' could be described as Autechre meeting Vex'd.

Von Südenfed - Flooded [Domino, 2007]
Vocalist from The Falls + Mouse on Mars = ? Madness perhaps, hehe. A full lenghter with everything from more or less straight forward rock songs ('The rhinohead'), to chaotic and messy soundwalls. Then we have this thing, 'Flooded', which is like LCD soundsystem but not as indifferent.

Last Step - Your Carrot Soup [Planet Mu, 2007]
First album from Aaron Funk under his Last Step guise. Analogue acid constructions, up tempo and occasionally some sugary little melodies. Accompanied with smashing drum patterns, Last Step does heavy damage. I Approve of this self titled album! "Breakers know", "Lives with angels" and "Color TV" are also 5-star songs.

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