Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fire surgery

Surgeon - A1 Untitled [Dynamic tension, 2005]
Mr Surgeon on his own label, throwing a fit and transforming any floor into a burning chaos of frenzy. Heavy goods from the Klonk EP. Can you take it?

Jeff Samuel - Fire (Claude Vonstroke 'like fiyaa' mix) [Poker flat, 2007]
Samuel together with Claude, dirtyness ensues. Bleepy and pushy track that's gonna make you wanna move. Together with this and the original you also get a St Sebastain remix thrown in the package.


Anonymous said...

amazing...but i hear "hay consuelo" in that and "who'safriad of detroit" in that towards the end.... you sure that isnt from a mix?

skypher said...

good ears! yeah this particular file is lifted from the vonstroke mixmag compilation "The beats of san fran disco".