Monday, June 25, 2007

On the horizon

Back to work, another monday. I hope this track will cheer you up.

Beroshima - Horizon [Cocoon, 2007]
Warning, warning - Huge track ahead! Beroshima/Frank Müller, in the game since 1994 can still wreck dancefloors to little specks of dust. Here he brings out the big guns on Cocoon, leaving you barely standing among the debris. Heavy weight and brutal, Horizon smashes everything in its path to bits. Just one teensy pevee though, extend it another few good minutes and I'd be even more up in flames about this. Pig & Dan arranges the flip remix, but I haven't heard it.

Edit: Be sure to visit the superb blog
The ill-ec-tro-nic and pick up the awesome track: M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade Feat Laurie Anderson - O Superman. I simply can't stop listening to it! But I do agree with The Langer that it really should've been made into some 12 min+ monster.


Anonymous said...

You bloody beauty! I've been looking for this track for MONTHS!!! Cheers from Ireland!

skypher said...

thanks man. it is a heavy weight champion.