Monday, June 04, 2007

Dole & Pitch & Kom & Hold

Good evening. After only working my first three days at my new job, I'm already starting to feel fatigued. It's not like I come home and just lie down in my couch all exhausted or anything. More like, I don't feel like doing much.. for example programming or any other activities that takes some effort, hehe. Music is good that way, just put it on and listen. Someone already did the hard work for you, putting it all together and whatnot.

Pitch & Hold - Maillot Jaune [Love triangle, 2007] (buy)
Almost Isolée-esque vibes from this moderate tempo'd tale, but this is more dramatic and less eclectic. Crystal melodies intertwined with smooth bass, sedated beats and little guitar plinks. Summertune if I ever heard one, which can also be traced to the name of the release: "The Lovetrance EP (Part two)". All in all, 3 great songs on this EP.

Dole & Kom - Viper
[Death by disco, 2007]
Another sweet musical offering from this fabolous duo. Also a three track strong release, this time on their own label Death by disco. Can these fellas even make weak tunes? I think not. Great, pulsating, thick rhythms throughout.


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skypher said...

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