Tuesday, June 05, 2007

ibiza update

Went to space opening on sunday was off the scale at least 10, 000 ravers all having it large highlights were carl cox , steve lawler and dubfire diggers played a ok set but it was quite bland not enough peaks , after the carnage that was space we decamped to dc10 for the circoloco opening party it has to be one of the craziest partys i have ever been to AWESOME highlights include unknown djs in the dark room playing deep clicky techno josh wink on the terrace who BLEW THE SOUND the terrace had no sound for going on 25 mins but the main highlight for me was luciano on the terrace awesome set the club must have had a t least 3000 plus sweaty ravers all having it large inside and out to say it only OFFICALLY holds 600 you can imagine how messy it was dancing next to a bloke dressed as superman or a man in a thick wooly coat in 30 degrees plus heat mental having a night off tonight as its tidy and i like to keep it messy peace !


theeEnd said...

Nice review dude, Lucky U... I got this new Dusty kid tune I suspect might come in handy, similar to Inca's structure .... Dusty Kid - Psika

skypher said...

sounds absolutely mental, JBH! great seeing a write-up so quick, I expect more to come hehe.

take it easy