Thursday, June 07, 2007

Building plateaus 2

Patrick Chardronnet - Eve by day (Fairmont mix) [Connaisseur, 2005]
Eve by day shook me when I first heard it. And it was posted here on the blog, in RC's early days. Not long after the original was out, the remix twelve showed up with Ripperton and Fairmont representing. Good times.

Secede - Vega Libre: The Citadel [Sending Orbs, 2007]
Secede masters different styles without breaking a sweat. I've always had a soft spot for his beat filled, uptempo works though. Vega Libre offers me this plus some of his ambient, misty creations. The Citadel is crunchy drums covered in layers of recordings, blips and twisting melodies.

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