Saturday, June 09, 2007

Young Europa

Sorry for a bit of a late sunday post. Been chilling out in the sun at the coast. Even having a swim in the sea (cold).

Nukubus - Europa (Aux 88 detroit remix)
[SD, 2007] (buy)
Excellent remix by my Aux 88 heroes. Snappy track that doesn't lose focus. Here's a long, nice snippet for ya to preview.

The Youngsters - The Third Knife [20:20 Vision, 2007]
Slow moving tech-house from this sparkling duo. Impressive work on one of the most respected house imprints of the UK.


Anonymous said...

hello Skypher,

How can I contact you?

Please check


skypher said...

hello anonymous. you can mail me: skypher at linuxmail dot org.

if you want me to remove the link to the track, no problem. just say the word.

Anonymous said...

hi Skypher,

Thanks, I'll mail you a snippet of the track of about 2 or 3 minutes long, which you can use instead of the full length track.

If you want I can provide you with snippets of our new tracks in the future, so you can post them freely.

Hope you understand my point: sharing enthusiasm for new music is great and very valuable for independent music, but sharing full length mp3s is harming the artists and the labels.

Thanks & regards,

skypher said...

Hey. First of all, I understand and respect your stand/opinion completely. Thank you for the mail, and I'd love to hear future snippets of your tracks.


PS. Link updated to point to the snippet you provided.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, man. That's great. We'll keep in touch.