Thursday, June 21, 2007

Different conviction

Differnet - Caring Arms [Friendly noise, 2007] (buy)
Differnet has come to their third album. Behind them they have two cds of excellent forward thinking pop/art-electronica. This third stop sees Differnet with a brighter and clearer vocal front. The change is a welcome one, causing a bit of a shift in sound. Unfortunately it is not always working to 100%. On the whole though, "Collapsing universe" is incredibly solid. The two opening tracks bursts of creativity, sucking you into the universe that Differnet collapses during the 8 songs on the album. Dramatic music that goes straight to the heart and mind. "Patterns of parkland", "Caring arms", "Electricity (Is Not What It Used To Be)" - obvious rewarding songs.

Convextion - Consumer identity [AW-Recordings, 2007] (buy)
Name of the EP is Romantic Interface. This is from the man behind the alias E.R.P. A glimmering, sideways approach differentiates this from the usual techno sound. This track is leftside stuff, ambientish (think SAW) in flavour and the closer of the EP. The Romantic Interface comes with in total four tracks.

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