Friday, November 30, 2007

Magic valley

Pig & Dan - Magic Valley [Sonic society, 2007] (d/l)
After their recent long player on Cocoon, Pig and Dan (= Igor Tchkotoua together with Dan Duncan) is back with a new twelve. Magic Valley is a deep, poignant mover, with its share of bizarreness (horse neigh, what the hell?). Together with the steady beat there is a hypnotic melody loop overlayed. The result is a bit creepy.

Have a good friday and weekend.


GORDO! said...

has anyone got a zshare link as i have mac and cant download it!

skypher said...

hm, i'm also on mac and it downloads fine (w safari) for me. oh well, zshare up:

Anonymous said...

that pic is astonishing.
and this waaaaaay
thank you for your take/insight
on e-music. your really the shit.
Bjorn Bleepson