Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Popof -'Alcoolic' -(Paul Woolford aa Remix) - [CDR]

There's no getting away from it this has been a sure fire underground summer hit.

Luciano has been caning it along with a whole heap of DC1O Residents. So it was only a matter of time before a big label C2 Records (UK) picked it up and hooked us up with a decent remix package.

This remix package is like a who's who of producers to watch, on the Cdr you get the brilliant Original then there's a remix from head honcho at Nottinghams Leftroom label Matt Tolfrey who has teamed up with uber minimalist Inxec. There take on things is a total rework adding a sort of minimal tribal vibe to it that will appeal to the masses, its a builder which explodes with tribal shouting and the original riff it comes in at just under 9 mins which is very DJ friendly.

Last but certainly not least is Basics resident Paul Woolford who basically beefs it up for more of a club vibe it starts off as if your in a frying pan thats about to explode sizzling its arse off then eventually it does explode bringing the all important riff slamming in. Its more Acid house than minimal,which appeals to me the most my only quarm is it could of been a tad longer.


HRSN said...

yet to hear the remixes, but this has taken time to get signed and remixes done since it surfaced no? didnt hear it much at all all summer in ibz. especially not DC10!!! its more of an es paradis track!...heard it in that Luciano set from ireland in may, sounded like electro house to me and didnt fit in with the rest of the set. not surprised to see it signed to cr2. could of been worse, could have been data and a vocal slapped on it.

JBH said...

Not sure if it was played in DC1O but the DC10 residents were caning it when they came to leeds clive henry, rhadoo and pedro all dropped the matt tolfrey inxec remix.So i gathered it must have been a firm favorurite in there box over the summer. Ive heard it in luciano's sets a few times.Im surprised it wasnt played more.Im not surprised either about cr2 im more surprised that the remixes are signed to them on a totally differnt cdr from the original and the 2nd and 3rd track.Check out the tolfrey inexec.

Alex said...

i like the track ever since i discovered it in lucianos dc10 sets. but this paul woolford remix is really lacking imo. takes the fun and energy out of the original