Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Weapons of mass distraction

We want to know whats your dance floor bomb maybe a secret weapon maybe your own track maybe a classic.
You get the picture its a track that you always have in your box a track that will fill a dance floor a track that will tear the roof of at a house party,maybe its a secret track we still want to know.

Your input will be used and tracks featured on the blog.

So get crate digging because we want to know,you can leave us a comment or alternatively mail us rcircuits@gmail.com Be as descriptive or none descriptive as you like but obviously leave the track title etc.

We look forward to listening to your views and checking out the music you think is special .It also gives people a good chance to hear music they might not have heard before.One mans pleasure is another mans poison and all that.Hopefully we might uncover some gems from all spectrums of the electronic music scene.

Il get the ball rolling ....

So the track i choose is a real dance floor treat its house meets techno meets deep house meets minimal. Always gets a great reaction and is a bit of a classic Sensorama - Harz Never fails need i say more. Its that easy you get the idea.



Scott said...

It maybe a bit recent but I'd have to go for Radio Slave's 'Screaming Hands' in its original form or Green Velvet's 'Flash', both would be guaranteed to get me clammering for the dancefloor everytime

Daragh said...

Inaqui Marin - You can't escape. Monstrous wall of bass right in the middle, never fails to please. On the Smagghe fabric mix.

Failing that, Some Polyphony by Petter - monster of a tune!

Anonymous said...

Kill Bill Vol. 4 by modeselektor always gets people doing the pogo dance.

Ben said...

Sebo k horizons.Its just too good

skypher said...

oxia - domino,
lindström - i feel space,
samantha fu - theme from discotheque,
nathan fake - the sky was pink (holden remix),
booka shade - ...,
plastikman - krakpot

always works. be it for the close knit friendsters pre-party or whatnot.

GORDO! said...

Theo Parrish - Falling Up (C2 Mix)

or for something less well known;

Shed - Opulence (Substance Remix)

(It changes every few months though)

JBH said...

Nice one guys i look forward to listening to you tracks of choice and posting some of these up.


todd said...

high (llorca remix)-2020 soundsystem, agree with horizons too !

todd said...

ok late entry, john tejaa - model 12, gottta post that one ?

JBH said...

Yeah il do a post relating to this in the new year