Friday, November 23, 2007


Friday extravaganza post Just For You[tm]!

Luca Agnelli - Booster remix [My best friend, 2007] (d/l)
Harmonic wind pipes stabs at you while building what is yet to come. You dash towards the warm, devious bass only to find out about its severe treason. A knife in the back! Better start running. Adventurous minimal techno served by Mr Agnelli on My Best Friend. Original floor-busting steez you can't stop, even if you wanted to. It is all compassing, engulfing every last bit of matter.

Justus Köhncke - Feuerland [Kompakt, 2007] (d/l)
Interesting fact about this track, copy&pasted straight from discogs: '"Feuerland" is written by Harmonia- and Neu!- and former Kraftwerk-member Michael Rother and originally released on his 1977 LP "Flammende Herzen".' A real epic moody piece this one. Play while traveling, waiting, working or studying and listen in awe as the track unfolds itself.

Weekend digest for GBG: We got Rub N Tug + DJ KAOS crashing the boat Styrbord Babord friday night. On saturday club Atlantis@Röda Sten offers techno, electro, acid and minimal from Schuldts. At the same time Dimitrios & Jor-el continues with their Kraft crusade at Storan. Hit up Min bror och jag for your electro dosage with Midnight express djs Eargoggle & Technicolor.

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JBH said...

This luca agnelli is the shit!!!
& by the looks on the download figures its gone down a storm!