Thursday, November 15, 2007

White Elephant

Lets go deep now on RC.
This latest one from H.O.S.H. is just that, Deep exciting house music I'm a sucker for anything with trumpets or horns, in fact anything relating to the brass family.
When i first heard this i was slightly taken a back as i wasn't expecting this at all its nothing like his release on Diynamic Music. Which was good dont get me wrong, but this is next level he uses a deep throbbing bassline, Horns & trumpets which jump out at you a bit like
Sebbo's Beirut boogie.
Classical meets deep house music & once again the outcome is fantastic. He uses the horns and trumpets really well wrapping them tightly round the deep house beat to give that feel as if the elephant was raising its trunk in a sort of "Im here to stay" fashion, as it marches along. It keeps at a nice steady pace adding deep keys and continuing with the impending sounds of the horns and trumpets. Its the sort of track that wouldn't be out of place on a film or on classical FM.
On the flip is H.O.S.H. With Adriano (3) -'Don Alfredo'
This track's a total different ball game.It has alot of layer's which keep repeating themself. There's alot going on in this track but it works as its slow and stripped back, the drowsy horns and trumpets keep coming in making a slight appearance then disappearing again in keeping with the riff from the piano & just before the whirling of the vortex, then it starts all over again. Its by no means peak time but its a fantastic release.
Overall view on this fabulous double sider is what house music should be about. Exciting fresh and forward thinking.

*The track is White elephant i just mixed up the titles when uploading it*

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Good track,
nice find