Thursday, November 29, 2007

Zugunruhe Part 2

Ripperton - 'Zugunruhe' - (Daniel Stefanik remix) - [N/A]

The original mix of this track was released back in June on the mixed Various - Grand Cru 2007 on Connaisseur Recordings.
Which i liked alot but this remix which we have here takes things two steps further...
OK i lie its more like two steps and a massive jump.
Its had a fabulous reworking by Daniel Stefanik who you may know from his releases on Moon Harbour Recordings and other well known labels.
He takes the mix on a long (11 min) drawn out journey its very sticks and stones at the start think Cadenza .It gradually builds coming together beautifully & climaxing with a soft luscious piano riff you almost float away whilst listening to the birds on some tropical paradise far far away.
Its on promo now but i reckon it will be coming out in the not so distant future.



Steve said...

I like Stefanik's remix, but the long stretch of ambient tones at the end carry on for far too long for my taste.

JBH said...

Yeah they do go on for a bit too long i noticed that too.I think when DJ's play it they will just play the first 8-9 mins or so thats at least what i will be doing.

GORDO! said...

The ambient tones make the track for me, when i play it im gonna play them all because the're stunning.