Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Map to loving dominik

Dominik Eulberg - Rattenscharf [Cocoon, 2007] (d/l)
Herr Eulberg with a fresh long player filled with mostly new tracks, finally more biology/park-ranger techno! 'Bionik' is oftentimes a bit quirky, quickly followed by the most serene and beautiful melodic sequences. Awkward drum patterns with sprinkled glitchesque sound effects in a contrived and confined space gets lifted up by the celestial, organic tones coming from the nearest plants. Rewarding to listen to. And while I've now heard the album back to back for 10+ times, I am still not certain about my verdict on this one. Tricksy, Eulberg, tricksy.

Maps - To The Sky (The Loving Hand Remix) [Mute, 2007] (d/l)
Remix treatment from the oh so loving hand. The outcome is, naturally, like tiny crazy delicious cookies for your ears. Buy the cookie, listen to the cookie and then finally become the cookie.

By the way, check out Donnacha Costello - Orange A, posted up on Music for robots. Nice one.


JBH said...

This eulberg track is really nice il have to check his album i thought it was mainly old material hence it being called Bionik.
One of my favourite producers.

And orange from donnacha costello WOW! Sublime stuff.

todd said...

i also loved eulberg but thought bionik was painfully disappointing, curious on your guys final thoughts

Matt said...

you can also find mustard B from the colorseries on my blog. what a fantastic album! if i'd known music for robots already posted orange i probably would've posted a different track, but w/e.

skypher said...

Yeah Bionik is perhaps a bit.. grey. No peaks, no troughs, no punchiness. And because of that is easily dismissed as bland. I can appreciate it, but it only goes so far. Without the tracks that makes you smile of glee. Without any tracks that gives you an intense craving of wanting to hear them again immediately. There's a couple of fine songs on it (Libellenwellen, Bienenstich, Ratten..., ...), but it's not enough. I feel we could and should expect more of this producer.

good night :)

Shawn Khan said...

I am on the fence about the Eulberg album too, but Rattenscharf is really pretty.