Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mix & Match

Two quite amazing mixes for ya, right here.
First up is a set by DJ URL MONRO which was featured on the Bodymusik blog some time ago. If you still haven't heard it, I say give it a twirl. It's worth it.

URL MONRO 18/10/2007 - "London Society for Better Table Tennis" (49:50)
1. Fenin & Meteo - "Fete 1"
2. Raumlose - "Rohrpost"
3. Pan Pot - "Crank"
4. Kaos - "Cerebral Tremolo"
5. Jesse Rose & Oliver S - "Wake Up"
6. Fuiasko - "Crazy Zak"
7. Matthew Dear - "Don and Sherri"
8.. Jeff Mills - "Casa"
9. Mihalis Safras And Liberto - "Amen (Mark Broom Remix)"
10. Phil Kieran - "The Fear"
11. Panoptikum - "The African"
12. White Label Disco - "Promo"
13. Jesse Rose - "Itchy Dog"
14. Marley - "Traffic Jam"
15. DJ Blaqqstar - "Automatic Lover"
16. Collie Budz, Sizzla, Busy SIgnal, "Herbs Melody" / "Haterz Everywhere" instrumental
17. John Tejada - "Callibration"
18. Gabriel Ananda - "Trommelstunde"
19. Thomas Anderson - "Dobbel Problematik"
20. Yuksek - "Miami Les fruits (remix)"
21. Amp G - "Looking Good"
22. Supa Dups - "Kopa Riddim"
23. Henrik Schwartz - "Stop Look and Listen"
24. Laurine Frost - "Ulisses"
25. Lucio Aquilina - "Magic M"

Next we have a new unique set from Jesús Hernández (whom we've featured before), consisting of 60 tracks seamlessly blended together into a wild and tasty mix called De|con|structeur. Very impressive craft.
Download via zshare. The track list is massive, available here.


le petit tribu du bas dans la poche revolver said...

Nice of ya'll to post this.

It's "URL MORNO" (all caps), like "Earl Monroe", nahmean?

Loving the Random Circuits site.

Keep it up.

Keep an eye out for part 2.

Big up.

skypher said...

Gotcha, hehe. Fixed :)
Eagerly anticipating part 2!

Peace & love.

randits reader said...

Loving the Table Tennis mix from URL MONRO. Sick! I wanna hear more of this tech-meets-urban type mixing. Really smooth and 25 tracks in 50 minutes...proper DJing.