Friday, November 23, 2007

Olga Dancekowski

Matt John - 'Olga Dancekowski' (Audion's Paradise Cafe Mix) -[BAR25]

Matt John is one of the most unique producers around take his releases on Perlon even in 2005 before "minimal" was cool he was knocking out a soundtrack of next level bleepy sounds.

So those of you who know his sound will be pleased that this is just as unique and mind bending, well the remix is. Its by one of my favourite producers ever Audion I think in a clash it would be between him and Radioslave. Anyway its Audion who does the business on this 'Olga Dancekowski' Expect peak time twisted deep techno a real psychedelic journey through everything bleepy and wrong.
Exceptional remix from Audion who has been very busy of late under his Matthew Dear guise bringing us the psychedelic sounds of his album Asa Breed.

Then under his Audion guise remixing everyone from Blackstrobe to Claude VonStroke.

His latest is a remix of the new
Dubfire 'I feel speed' which is floating around at the moment and i must say its really really good.
I'm already looking forward to his next releases / remixes Audion a force to be reckoned with.
Check out his entire back catalogue i cant find a blotch in this landscape of music! Listen to Dubfire - 'I feel speed' - (Audion remix)


Absolute Soundsystem said...

nahhhh!!! in a clash .. 2000 and one would win

JBH said...

Audion and radioslave anyday haha!

GORDO! said...

this audion remix is REALLY good, can i get a proper link for this please. To my myspace if you would prefer?

Paul said...

Youre so right, audion, radioslave and carl craig have to be the best remixers around in my opinion. Flawless every time.