Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Enjoy the moments

Shinedoe - 'Enjoy The Moments' (RippertonRmx) - [100% Pure]

Starting off with a creepy insect noise as if its walking over a piece of paper and the sound has been amplified 100x. In comes the bass its a thumping drum that's consistent, at least until when the strings come in then it fades into the background as the track starts to come together. Hand claps and a lovely melody slowly glide in as it opens up like a butterfly in the summer, back in comes the drum and makes way for what sounds like a steam engine about to leave the station. The riff boomerangs back and forth giving a sort of elastic springy effect, eventually it starts springing uncontrollably in a coiling sort of fashion, only calming down to a slow finish as the track has come to the end. Once again Ripperton shows us why he is at the top of the tree don't let this one pass you by as its a limited edition on white.


Scott said...

This track is sweet!*! I've been caning it now for the last couple of weeks and I'm not showing any signs of getting tired of it!*! Ripperton is on fire at the moment!*!

HRSN said...

which blog posted that banksy originally joe? want the full size pic...cheers

JBH said...

If you click on it then it will become a little larger then just save pic as