Friday, November 30, 2007

Dancing Graffiti

Heres a nice up coming release from BPitch Control courtsey of Kiki.
Dancing Graffiti is a Über Chic deep funky drum track that is very catchy.
It kicks things off big with lots of "oblong bass" bringing a continuous ear piercing ringing sound in which sounds like someone ringing a bell, He then drops lots of spaced out bleeps into the mix as the ringing gets more hypnotic and the drums continue to embed themselves in your head.
it Carry's on like this repeating itself.
Its a cool track to drop and wouldn't sound out of place on REKIDS or even Poker Flat Recordings.On the flip is a remix by Berlin duo Zander VT.


Heres a bit of a bonus and something to look forward to the new Schneider* , Galluzzi* , Schirmacher* - Albertino And Nora P on Cadenza.We have a cool 5 min set rip of 'Albertino' its a collaboration between Guido Schneider and André Galluzzi and it is quality! Sexy late night house music the ep will be out mid December on Cadenza.



GORDO! said...

I REALLY like this trakc. Quite dark and hypnotic.

Matt said...

galluzzi is awesome

J said...

Mmmmmm.. interesting. You appear to have taken my comment about set-rips down.