Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Minimal Schminimal

I have a sort of love hate relationship with the dreaded genre. Ive never really been into the cold clicky side of it, However i do prefer music that's been stripped down so you can hear all the elements all going off and intertwining with one another.

Perhaps that's why i hate trance? It all sounds the same and is just too boring i was never into the whole progressive era as well that never took my fancy.

I was more on an old skool tip lots of piano's hence my love for a piano tune to this day.

Alot of minimal can fall flat on its face but this next one is totally the opposite its deep it has melody & structure, & it has a dark tint to it in a sort of light way its by a Polish producer Slg and its on one of our favorite labels here at RC Trapez.

Earthworm Is everything minimal should be about its fast paced deep, bleepy & trippy and has been laced in acid funk its not a one off either as the flip 'Ssswing' is just as good if not better, & both have a distinct likeness to Stimming's Funkworm EP.

This is what it should be about.

Four minimal heads doing it for me right now are Adultnapper, Jon Gaiser, Heartthrob and of course Slg.

My partner in crime points out minimal smashed everything out of its way on our pole in a landslide victory, With this being the case hopefully we will be able to bring you some different fresh sounding minimal music to RC. Anyway enough with the 'M word how many times did i use it ....



jasonnn said...

It's official. This is my favorite blog on the net.

I read about a track and I think, man I really want to hear that-- and here it is.

Great job!

A joy said...

yeah me also man, this is my favourite blogs!

much respect, keep it going!

all the best!

cris said...

nice tune
the kids want mnml
funny you name gaiser, i find him to be one of the more repetitious and boring minimal producers out there

Scott said...

Joe, if you use the word Minimal more than once does that word by definition no longer have anything Minimal about it? Just wondering!*! LOL

JBH said...

Thanks for all the support guys we appreciate it alot.

@ Cris i can see how you find gaiser to be quite repetative.I have a nice remix that il post from him that may swing the scales a bit for you.

LOL @ Scott - minimal no longer exsists from now on it will be known as 'M'

HRSN said...

nice track