Sunday, November 11, 2007


Dubfire - Emissions [M_NUS, 2007] (d/l)

M_NUS is at it again, new compilation "Expansion | Contraction" got me all giddy. Especially with this, the first track, which comes from the Dubfire man. It's hard hitting, super dense minimal bullets fired at you from point blank range. "Pressure | Release" would describe Emissions in Minus words. Well, Dubfire is indeed on fire. The other contributions on the comp comes from Hawtin himself under the Plastikman guise, Marc Houle, Gaiser, JPLS and Heartthrob.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, mine was extremely uneventful.


JBH said...

Not too keen on the title track but Gaiser - Mute and Heartthrob - Roundabout are on the money.


HRSN said...

this is bland as fuck