Friday, December 14, 2007


Its going to be more of a pissup tonight than a heads down ocassion.
Bodzin & Romboy are live & Dave Switch Taylor is in the other arena it should be a good night.
Come and say hello if your out.
Have a good one!
Heres one for the weekend
Sasha Mongoose it was supposed to be released on Rebelone but it never happend one min it was on the next off on getting delayed and allsorts of hassel surrounding this release. Instead it was released on emFire Sasha's own label its sort of progressive meets minimal meets melody


dee said...

plz dont start using rapidshare its the most annoying thing on earth

JBH said...

Haha dont worry its just a one off.
Zshare was being shit.

daz said...

This had to be one of my best nights out for ages! Does anybody know what software Bodzin uses? Not that I want it just interested...I asked him although he couldn't understand me! Best Live set I've ever seen. Marc Romboy played some damm right good tracks as well...have to say a few you guys have popped up on here : ]

Anonymous said...

it was i agree a quality night out!
i reckon it will be ableton live along with some more software both of them played a quality set and the crowd was well up for it

JBH said...

it wasnt ableton i seen the video's it looks high tech whatever it was in his white gloves with all that equipment i bet it cost loads.