Thursday, December 20, 2007


Steve Lawler 'Violet' - (October's Caravan mix) - [Promo]

October's mix is the standout on this EP, all though saying that the other three including the original are also very good.
His mix is in between techno and Dub or as he likes to call it "Organic techno"
We cant disagree either there is something very home grown about this piece.
Nothing artificial here,
He gets straight down to business, It opens up with a beautiful deep and dubby melody from the keys of the piano /Organ.
Twisting and turning throughout expect the unexpected its a good ride to be on and it never loses focus.

Its really good!
It should be out soon along with a remix from Bushwacka! & Livio and Roby black.

All in all theres something for everyone.

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