Tuesday, December 18, 2007

At Home Im a Tourist

One of the last great records of 2007, this went down a storm at the after party on friday night.

Bruno Pronsato delivers such a wonderful piece in this limited 1 sided piece of plastic.

At Home I'm a Tourist is a delve into electronic music at its very best it takes in techno and classical and welds them together, its a fantastic journey of just under 10 mins taking in plucked strings violent hand claps, deep percussion reverberating synth lines and a deep work out from the brass family.
It just keeps getting better and better this is without doubt one of the tracks of the year.

What a way to sign off on 2007 i don't think there is going to be any more stand out records this year.
So stand up and raise a glass to a brilliant year of electronic music.

2007 we salute you may 2008 be even better.


penkerwoodhobbledong said...

hmmm, one of the tracks of 07..


JBH said...

pOtato, pAtato.

GORDO! said...


murph said...

Thanks for the great blog and downloads! A happy '08 to you guys.
You from Leeds?

JBH said...

Cheers murph!
im from bradford.

murph said...

Nice one. Im from Ilkley!

Keep those tunes comin'!

JBH said...

By heck!
greetings my friend.