Sunday, December 16, 2007

Drums of spring

Another label that has been outstanding this year is Diynamic Music
What a great way to Finnish 2007 with a four track ep by some of 2007's freshest new talent.

H.O.S.H who goes all out on a deep tribal excursion complete with an African chant with 'Drums Of Spring'.
Gruber* & N├╝rnberg - 'Floating cloud in summer' is expertly crafted fresh and forward thinking house music.
Stimming* '1000 Words In Autumn' goes for the sticks and stones approach and pulls it off excellently
Last but not least is Solomun with 'Second Kiss In Winter' which calms things down with a beautifully crafted light but deep finish to 2007.
I could of quite easily posted all four tracks they all stand out and are fabulous.
Go check the EP - TIP!!!
Diynamic Music are going to be even bigger in 08 a label to watch very closely.

I just realised were not allowed to post from this label.


themagicke said...

Very well spotted, this release. Thank you so much for bringing some wonderful new H.O.S.H to my attention ("Steppenwolf" is still blowing my mind, and I'm sure you are already aware of his more recent productions).

Random Circuits / JBH is certainly not wrong about this release (nor about a great many other things).

I just completed my first listen of the EP, and am extremely delighted with ALL tracks.

I wonder if you have yet come across Gavin Herlihy's forthcoming release on Kindisch Recordings, entitled "Opium Haze"..?

It would certainly make for a lovely little feature here on your tasteful blog.

Best regards.

HRSN said...

can u myspace me a link for this joe mate?

JBH said...

Thanks for the nice words
ive heard opium haze and im not feeling it tbh with you maybe if i heard it out in a club it would proberly get my attention more
il have another listen maybe it will grow on me.:)