Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fish in water

Masaya - Little Brothers E.P. -(Like a fish in water original) - [Meerestief Limited]

Masaya has quickly made a name for herself with her big summer ep El Choquero EP .
Which was released on one of the labels of the year Perspectiv. And can boast quality remixes from Agn├Ęs & Sam K.
Then there was her remix of Lucy - 'Glass Computer' Which i thought was arguably the best apart from the original itself.

Her latest is a solid 3 track ep on Meerestief Limited which includes a nice remix from Nhar

Like A Fish In Water is what it must be like to be submerged 1000's of feet below sea level it rolls along deep but calmly its very aquatic.
Don't underestimate the power of this track it could be used as a tool as well.
You get that feeling that you could be in a submarine with no pressure floating past huge corals.

Nhar goes even deeper but adds a vocal and a few strange popping noises.

The other track is MS.Darcy which is totally the opposite to both track and remix still aquatic, alot more calmer its more floating down the river than lost in the Pacific.

All in all a great EP.

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