Monday, December 03, 2007

The Shining

Time for some house! Its that Deep house in between Minimal sound that's been big over the summer.

This is one of the best coming out of Holland.
Its deep and dark with cool atmospherics and excellent production work.
But fear not those of you not keen on minimal this never sways to just the one side of either minimal or house it keeps tiltering but never falls of balance.
It builds with excellent percussion and deep ambient vocals which get more intense as the song continues.
Its been remixed by Rejected and there input is crucial as the remix is the one that makes the package.
The original is alot more tribal than deep house.
Personally its the Rejected mix that stands out the most for me and may i add both the original and the remix have been mastered by 2000 And One* so you know what to expect, no sloppy production or slack timing.
This is top class house music not to be passed by.

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