Friday, January 04, 2008

Wear your scars like medals

Sian (3) -'Wear Your Scars Like Medals' -(Roland Appel Remix) -[Aus Music]

Sian continues his run to form with his "Wear your scars like a medal" 'EP'
The title track is a deep and techy monster that bubbles subtly, eventually breaking free and exploding violently all over the dance floor causing a huge ruckus.

The Roland Appel remix has much more going on its more deeper and less techy.
It oozes class and sophistication gliding along at a good pace its full of rhythm and melody.
The keys play an important part as do the background instruments working together fantastically.

Both tracks on this EP are 5*
I'm just feeling the Remix a little more.
Go out & buy.

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