Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes - Elevation (Radio Slave's One More Kiss Remix) [Ibadan, 2008] (d/l, d/l)
Three big producers collide in a sweaty techno excursion. Sydenham and Tiger Stripes' Elevation anthem is pierced by the man who never sleep, Radio Slave's functionalists ideas. The result is a floor whooping, big, sick and most definetly dancable massacre. Detroit vibes all over this superb remaking. Like a true master, Radio slave fulfills all expectations. The rest of this intense remix package is of equal standards; Ink & needle, Argy, Kobayashi and the original creators all lend their magic fingers to stir F12 and Elevation into something different.



trees said...

hey, lovin this track. nice to have so many fantastic producers working within the same track's parameters! thanks for posting it.

and by the way, i'm over at deepmovements.blogspot.com . you're on my blogroll, i'd be honored if i was on yours.

skypher said...

Link is up to ya, deep movements looks quality.

I agree about the track, a real stomper.