Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Der Fischer Und Siene Fru

Nils Nilson 'Der Fischer Und Siene Fru' [Ostwind Records]

I was browsing Myspace yesterday and came across this label Ostwind Records a label which was new to me and had somehow managed to let it slip under the net i couldn't recall anyone else mentioning this label or any of its releases.
Which at the time from the great music i was hearing i found strange.
Straight away i was into its back catalogue with a fine tooth comb going from site to site on myspace looking up most of the producers who have had there music put out by the label.
I was most impressed there back cat reads very well but sounds even better, I was still left scratching my head why this label has had no hype and no light shone on it, i mean not even a pocket torch amount of light.
So on with the music there seems to be a theme on Ostwind Records there "Maximal to Minimal" theme.
Yes its deep house meets minimal but its done with so much care and accuracy there is a distinct Chicago house vibe running through some of there records check
LePetri "I Can Even Remember" for the pick of the bunch.
The music i was listening too reminded me of Mountain People especially the track I'm giving you today.
Der Fischer Und Siene Fru is a really fresh and clean sounding track.
It goes deep with cool percussion and wonderful rhythm using alot of wood instruments and blending them with the deep bass perfectly.
The flip goes deeper and is even more percussive, it sounds like something from the 80's (in the best way possible)
I cant wait for both these to be played out, expect to hear more from this label in the coming months in the meantime i suggest you check out there previous releases.


ben said...

joe do us a fav mate burn all the tracks you posted so far from 2008 n drop em round ours i cant do it at work.

Steve said...

I love when you guys discover new stuff and share it.

daZiiii_boi said...

Sebo K - Far Out

some minimal love : ]


JBH said...

cheers dazzi boi i coped the same file a few days back ;)
thx for the share