Thursday, January 03, 2008


Reboot (3) -'Letters' -[Cadenza]
The latest cadenza See's Reboot give us his take on the ever evolving cadenza sound.
Its a two track EP from what you may class as a typical "Cadenza sound" Drums, percussion, Latin influences & tribal.
Be Tougher on the A side does just that its much more of a tougher workout but manages to incorporate deep tribal elements and the all important Latin style that cadenza have become known for.
It has something homegrown about it using timbales and glocks among other wood instruments, its very ethnic and works well maybe more as a tool? I'm still on the fence only time will tell.
Letters takes things up a notch with its layers of percussion that blend perfectly into the deep and jazzy keys.Eventually spiraling and warping your mind just before the tribal chanting comes in which makes the record if you ask me.
Both are great records but if i had to choose one it would be Letters.
Go buy the release and decide for yourself.

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