Monday, January 07, 2008


Knor -'Roc(k)ambolesque' [Grubenstrasse]

Hypnotic minimal techno now from Knor.
I cant find anything on Knor apart from the fact he's on this split ep with Digitaline.
They're track "Hum Hum" is very bland, and doesn't really go anywhere.
However every cloud has a silver lining and this silver lining comes in the form of,
Its really good full of stuttering melody and deep rhythm, and a distorted vocal it certainly sounds very fresh.
Once again we find it falls into the deep house / minimal bracket
Don't sleep on this if only for the b side.


PT said...

This is odd, The man on the picture is someone I've seen before. He is a musician & artist and he is blind. He conducts the sounds of the street in the city Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Nice site!

JBH said...

Thanks for that.