Sunday, January 13, 2008

JBH'S Sunday Session

1hr mix of underground house and techno.

1 - Kabale und Liebe feat Daniel Sanchez - "Mumbling Yeah" - (Loco Dice Tribute Mix)
2 - Italoboyz - "Zinga"
3 - Peter Grummich - Whats up Adults!?
4 - The Model - "Priests of Anacreon"
5 - Sis - "Orgsa"
6 - Knor - "Roc(k)ambolesque"
7 - Mugwump - "Memory Lane" - (Sasse Remix)
8 - Nick Curly - "Silom"
9 - Jamie Lloyd - "May i" - (Quarion Remix)



Anonymous said...

nice tune selection .. mixing is abit dodgy tho

JBH said...

Cheers mate. I agree it is a bit dodgy i did it first time off the cuff.
I find if i do it once and dont like it then i try again, to try and perfect it i end up losing patience.
And dont end up with one at all.
I think its because i know its being recorded.I want it perfect but end up with more mistakes than if it wasnt
Music makes up for it though :)

Anonymous said...

i'm exactly the same^. good tunes though

leVente said...

hey, nice selection, could you upload the loco dice remix and the knor track?

JBH said...

The knor track is available a few posts down.
I cant share the loco dice remix i got it from another source sorry.