Friday, January 04, 2008


MLZ* -'M-Brane' -[Modern Love]

Sometimes Dub techno can fall on deaf ears, be it too bland or just not working for me
When done right you can have something very special.
These both tick all the right boxes,
Andy Stott's Modern Love label has been a favorite of mine since hearing the showcase on the breeze block a few years back.
Since then its come on leaps and bounds, as this latest one shows us its from MLZ* who you may know as Miles Whittaker, also part of the Pendle Coven outfit.

M-Brane the title track really does it for me its what techno should be about.
Paint a picture in your mind that your working with metal in some sort of warehouse in the year 2025.
Robots are working side by side of you, and all you can hear is this (hopefully what your listening to now)
If robots had a anthem this would be it.
Its too hard to put into words just listen then BUY!
Its amazingly good.


abe said...

this blogs so on point.modern love has to be one of my favourite labels.keep up the awsome work..

Anonymous said...

This is Stunning. Like Basic Channel at their best. Modern Love do it again.