Monday, January 14, 2008

Vacaciones En Cile

IlarioAlicante - "Vacaciones En Cile" -[N/A]

All i know about this track is that its by a upcoming young Italian producer.
He takes his influences from the Cadenza record label and artists like Ricardo Villalobos and it shows very well.
Its so homegrown i can see this being played in a courtyard by the olive trees there's a dog laying in the shade trying to keep cool,the old folks are drinking wine and playing chess,Mothers in the kitchen making food, its a beautiful scene.
If you use your imagination you can almost taste the wine and feel the sun burning your neck as your sat there by that olive tree.
Its very Latin /Chilean influenced, so beautiful the way it comes together opening up like a flower in spring.
The strings are some of the best I've heard expect everyone to be dropping this.
I think its getting signed to a label soon there's been a bit of controversy over the whole thing.
Don't sleep on this.


abe said...

nice tune i like!!

Anonymous said...

strings? am i listening to the same song?

JBH said...

The plucked strings from the guitar/mandolin whatever he is using.